Zaat-ay Sar-ay-chashma-ay-chashma-nay Haqiqat

The ENTITY,   (which is) the fountain-head of all springs of reality

Ha hoo-ee-yat

(which is) the HA of HUWIYET

Hazratay Ishq

 (The LOVE)    

Balaa-ay-Kaunain  BaBaargaa-hay-Kibriya   Takht-ay-Saltanat-Aarasta

held the heavenly court & divine throne, beyond the limits of all the existence (but) (people having) LOVE ( could reache there) in that court of magnificience

Az Kmaa-lay-Ibrat

An exemplary lesson( is to be learnt here)

Maa-Hee-yat-ay Zaatay Paakash

About the nature of that holy ENTITY

Hazaa-raan Hazaar

that thousands of thousand

Bey Shumaar

rather innumberable

Qawafil-lay Aqal Sangasaar

caravans of ( people of) intellect got crushed by stones (perished on the way) (while trying to reach Almighty through logic & reason)

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