Praise & Glory be to ALLAH

Az Ajsaa-may Anaasi-ray Khaki

Even from these bodies of earthly elements (i-e from this material world)

Ba-Hazaar Mazhar

there are thousands of ways in which

Zahooray Aasaaray Jamaalo Jalaal-ay

evidences of (Creator's) beauty & grandeur are being revealed

Qudrat Haa-ay Kaamila

(it seems that) the OMNIPOTENT ENTITY( through this material world)

Aa-ina-ay Ba Safa Saakhta

has created a clear, pure mirror

Tamaassha-ay-Roo-ay Zeeba Mee Farma-yed

in order to see HIS own beautiful face


(because so much of AllAH's beauty & grandeur is being reflected through this material world)

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