Khud Ba Khud Qamaaray Ishq mee Baazad

(and by seeeing HIS face in this mirror) HE is playing the game of love by HIMSELF ( but in this game) 

 Khud Nazar Wa Khud Naaziro Khud Manzoor

HE, Himself, is the sight (vision) (and) HE, Himself, is the seer ( viewer) ( and) HE, Himself, is the scene (View)

Khud Ishq, Khud Aashiq, Khud Maashooq

HE, Himself, is the Love. HE, Himself, is the lover. HE, Himself, is the be-loved.

Agar Purdah Ra  Az Khud Ber Andaazee

(indeed, O seeker!) if you lift the veil ( of your ego from your eyes) (then you will see that)

 Hamaa Yak Zaat

everything is singularity ( in reality there is ONLY one ENTITY)  which actually exists

  Doo-ee Hamaa

(and) all of the duality ( of things)

 Az Ahowlay Chashmeest

( the world of variety & multiplicity) is only due to your (squint) eyes

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